by Gavin

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Tasteless 03:08
I can’t change it I know it can’t deny can’t face it and now Im stuck it's so tasteless I’m sitting on the curb in silence what a joke So important and everything is dull and pointless but here I am wish it was someone else but me Now I’m staring at the floor But my eyes are shut to you Keep it up but its a sound so loud I’m keeping up but falling down So I’ve heard it all before Now you’re getting kind of bored How’d you get so cold you knew it all along today I’m shaking all the time its up to you and I but like that ever goes right Now I’m staring at the floor But my eyes are shut to you Keep it up but its a sound so loud I’m keeping up but falling down Now I’m sure that I can’t stay I don’t know what to do or say Seems like all i got is not a lot I’m giving up I’m dropping out So tell me how To stay around Tell me what to do Im losing it and I’m about to crash
What if you found out that your own kids high or if they’re sticking out then cut him right down to size i know all about those things that you write keep it to yourself another shot another line gotta get out you gotta get by if the feelings now why not just drown it out forget about this town i know you’re home i know you’re alone Send your message out the same thing every time open up the door it closes every night you’re sick of your bed your mundane boring life think of what you did can’t find no reasons why well the rest of us know we won’t let it show the last thing that she read I’m sure she that won’t mind Just trying to be nice It’s cool I’m sure it’s fine your dirty little secret its hers to decide its over as of now I guess at least he tried But i bet it feels good I bet it gets you high If the moments now Why not just shut it down The second time around I know you’re home I know you’re alone Its not because you’re not something special your mom and your dad think you’re a fucking angel could be its true the awful things you do i think that we can agree that you’re a pretty creepy dude
When I look back all I see is waste Such a sad solemn look on my face But if I think of you it’s not so bad Something to fill that empty space


Solo EP by Tom Graham


released November 28, 2017

- All songs written and performed by Tom Graham
- Recorded and mixed by Seth Engel at Pallet Sound in Chicago, IL
- Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House
- Album artwork by Jeremy Dop
- Photography/Intro sample unknowingly performed by Bronwyn Mead

Big thanks and hugs to:
- Seth Engel, Dave Downham, Jeremy Dop, Bronwyn Mead for all their hard work and support
- Coaster (Matty Kissinger, Michael Byrnes, Seth Engel) for everything

Special xoxo to:
- Mom/Dad/Fio/Geo/Caroline, Uncle Chris, Pedro, Niki, Christoforos, Mor, André, Kaleidos, SQ family, DC Katie, Trevar Evett & Kayna, Ari James, Jeff Perlman, Ian Tormey, Andrew Althoff, KT Why, Pete Dico, Amanda Brown, Reny Partain, Jackie Jaketa Chesson, Tyler Benmark & Munch, Jeffery Family, Dop Family, and rest of Chicago/California/London friends


all rights reserved



Gavin London, UK

Music maker

Former drummer for Coaster (Chicago)

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